Friday, June 7, 2013

The Epic Love Story

Thunderbolt in the dark, loudly voice in the air, heavy sky around. Faint scenery was making her scared and her belief stronger. Though this was not the first time when nature act like but she strongly feel that this is the moment, when her love come back to meet her yet again. She waited long time but it’s reached to zenith these days and one second was like a year for her.

Finally, one night, after a long journey, a journey of hundreds of miles, her love come to the fore, looked into her eyes, smile at most beautiful and charming, get arm in arm and hug her.

She (a thirsty earth) welcomes her love (the rain) and hold close breathlessly. Each rainy drop was kissing the earth like they wish to love her till last breath and big cloudy voice proven that god himself was firing the crackers for two epic lovers…

Now after long waited rainy meet, Earth is no more thirsty; instead she is shining like never before. She is smiling, she is breathing. I can’t imagine her happiness but I can feel it with her rainy smell.

We have might overlook while enjoying rain but their holy relation, their pure love is from years. Days, Months, Years, Centuries passed and will come and go but this true epic love story will remain forever.